See heaven through our hearts

PhDr. Paed.Dr. Jozef Jurina PhD.

University Lecturer, Priest, Philosopher

I was standing in the amazing new church of St. Gorazd in Vrbové. It was a new building of white walls with an empty interior. It was necessary to find someone who could cover the space with creative work and help to represent heaven there. I genuflected and begged the Creator to send me an angel who could manage it, someone who could mediate God´s wisdom, omnipotence and goodness to those who will meet in this temple.

A few days later I was standing in silent meditation over a ceramic relief ´The Last Supper´ whose creator was a young artist Ivett Axamitová. The beauty of her colours, the depth of her content, on one hand matter – clay, on the other hand an astonishing form – soul – The Holy Spirit. At that moment I realised the angel was coming. It was Ivett sent by the Creator. I could feel she would fill the interior of the church with God´s praise and help the believers to appreciate ´what it feels like in heaven.´

For a few years I have been observing how Ivett can change spirituality into material objects, how she can ascend into supernatural and divine heights through her works of art and how she can transcend this world. For these reasons I like visiting the church in Vrbové to have a rest watching Ivett´s artworks, in the silence of the temple, again and again I feel deeply the beauty of Madonna. I meditate on the secret of Love at the crib and I give thanks for a blessing of redemption at the stations of the Cross.

I will always watch the beauty and creation of heaven which comes in a new style from Ivett´s creative ability, her pure soul and wise spirit.

I am also happy that today I can stand in front of Ivett´s works in which she expresses heaven that beautiful, dreamlike and supersensible space converted into mosaic of paintings and plastic arts which can help all the people see through the prism of beauty, things that are invisible to the naked eye. I am convinced that Ivett desires the people should see endless love, pure goodness and clear justice through her works. One can only feel this reality through their heart.

Although the world is full of moral relativism and subjectivism, I am optimistic about the creators who make the world of spirit, invisibility and God‘s world more appealing. I admire those who can transform the world of heaven into colours, forms and tunes.

Ivett Axamitová´s works show us how to see heaven through our hearts, she encourages us to try how its divine beauty tastes.