From history I know of a woman...

MUDr. Miloš Bubán

Physician, Moderator

From history I know of a woman who split the atom successfully and another who flew into space. From newspapers I know of a third who has been at the zenith of her singing career for many years. Personally I know a fragile woman who does wonders. She can make live things from lifeless matter – clay. She is able to put her artforms into motion, through colours and shades, creating happiness and sorrow, passion, love and disappointment. I have known Ivett Axammitovú for a long time. She can do anything except fly. Outwardly, she remains delicate like her ceramics, inwardly, she is strong like baked clay.  She has as many colours of human kindness as you can recognise in her works.

I appreciate her friendship which developed into a close family relationship a long time ago. I cannot express my feelings towards her but she knows best how I feel about her. There have been years of mutual support, encouragement at work, often kind, sometimes strict with criticism that can move mountains. There have been many forms of life that look differently on a piece of paper than in the soul. You just cannot put some things into words. Therefore art has been created. Many thought are expressed in Ivett´s works and we find there things which are hidden deep inside us, in the well-known “thirteenth chamber” of which we own only the key.

I do not want to confess those feelings of mine. They are too private. However, you can find some of them in Ivett´s works. Above all you can find confidence there that the greatest happiness is to live for what you are willing to die.

I have read what I had written about Ivett so far and it seems to me I do not know her even though I spend long hours in her studio watching her works in astonishment. As a doctor I am interested in breathing in and out but I am breathless with Ivett. I am standing in silent awe and I still cannot believe that such a delicate woman can handle so much hard work. 

Ivett can create everyday rarity to the world.