She shall be brought unto the king in robes of needlework...
(P 45,14)

Jozef Jurina


Every author who creates religious art imitates God the Creator with the truth and a harmony of symbols. Every author who in his work portraits Christ uplifts believers spiritualy and educates unbelievers aestheticaly and religiously. Every author who brings to the eye reflection of heaven , convention of angels and saints stimulates desires of soul through physical senses.The mission of a man to create sacral art is irreplacable.
My personal desire has always been to meet those types of artists who would be able to portray secret and inconceivability of transcendent world, the world of invisible God`s glory, to meet the artists who would literally be able to write about transcendent matter.
One of the artists is Ivett Axamitova whose catalaogue is actually a portrayal of her sacral art. It is worth immersing ourselves for a minute or so perhaps in her work  to feel the secret and to understand the essential deepest spiritual side of it. Ivetka „writes“ with colors and design that make our souls tremble, that take us closer to mysticism and devine reality and help us walk in the kingdom of heaven.
Let me be more personal. Couple of years ago we were building a new church in Vrbové, a small town near Piešťany. One day I was standing in that amazing huge space of the new church. It was newly built, only white walls and empty interior. We had to find a person who would bring a feeling of heaven to this place. In my prayers I asked the Creator to send us someone who would fill the interior with creative spirit and God`s glory. There she came – Ivett Axamitova, a young artist, ready for such challenge. After couple of months of work we could all see the lights of paintings and relief sculptures and through their glory and profundity we all felt the ethreal beauty and heaven.
I believe that to achieve all this Ivett needs everyday motivation, constant education and self-reflection in religious, moral, artistic and professional matter. 
I believe that to create glorious signs of transcendent matters is a difficult role. Beauty often changes according to the age. That`s why Ivetka in her religious work uses forms that are inspiring – perfect and pure glory of created and visible world. However she is not afraid of working with the world of dream, divinity and desires. She works believing that her art would find no barriers for the heart and mind in a way to transcendent and invisible God`s glory.
When looking at the work of Ivett Axamitova we can feel transcendent power which can protect us from the evil. Her work gives us an energy guiding us to live in humility, courage and good. Her images and sculptures bring a flash of light to our everyday lives and hope for the better tomorrow. It is upon us whether we immerse ourselves in the moment of intimacy  and will be able to dream about joy and love among the people. Let`s feel Ivetka`s work, light, colours and content and note that she shall be brought unto the king in robes of needlework.