Poetry on glass

Miloš Bubán


I like to remember one of  those pleasant evenings spent with Ivett Axamitova in her studio in Ivanka on the Danube. We are sitting at the fireplace which glows melting warmth  and a flame of poppy colour strongly inflames blood and melts all the negative energy of the world. As the talking goes from one topic to another we start talking about reincarnation. I laugh about the idea  that perhaps in ancient Egypt I lived as a physician, Sinuhe. Ivett gives a hearty laugh and with  flame in her eyes she pictures herself as a member of the mighty pharaoh`s artistic team. She decorated not only his halls but with her work she made peoples` life more pleasant. Perhaps we have known each other since then.

Now, looking at her glass work, stories painted on the glass, stories of life with happy or unhappy endings, there is some relation. Back then sitting at the fireplace Ivett expressed her love for fire and glass. Symbolic. The history of creating glass can be traced back to 3000 B.C. right in Egypt. And fire? Fire is a fundamental part of her art.  According to the dictionary the meaning of the word  glass is – a homogenous, amorphous, isotropic, transparent, solid and brittle substance. It`s biologically an inactive material.  However, it is not correct. I think it was inactive only until it was touched by Ivett`s hands. Thanks to this gentle woman I see glass as a live material. When Ivett touches the glass, it expresses feelings, desires, passion, love but also sadness, sorrow, humility and fragile human soul. Ivett`s glass  is unique and unforgettable because  her paintings bring not only fiction but also poetry.

Her art reflects the human feelings, often the most intimate ones which we like to keep in secret. She is not afraid of sharing these feelings with family, friends and also with public. So, Ivett writes in the glass one verse after another.She creates a collection of poems and rhymes. They are pure and clear, unique and in the darkness of unhappy days, sadness breaks into thousand of pieces, fragments full of tenderness without suffering and sorrow.

On the other hand the glass can also cut, hit the soul, wake from lethargy, cut the umbilical cord of sadness and bad memories from  the past. Her art is like a heart madeof glass pulsating regularly and healthily  without breaking.

I pray and ask an angel for not letting it break ever.